Figuring out how to cope with your teen and pre-teen parts, how to communicate with them effectively, and how to meet their needs.


Postby doodles77 on Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:00 pm

our teens are very competent ... to the point we often think they are the ones really running this thing .... we did not have the oppertunity to just be a teen ... we had a set of responsibilitys and other things that were causeing the teens to mature a bit faster .

they also read the book sybill . they knew right away it was like this ... we had mpd and had to start finding better ways to hide it . so they started to make some good changes in the inner world ... the pre teens really simply hide until there is this absolute need for one of their skills .... they suffered the biggest loss in our life up to then . when our safe careing protective grandparents passed away ... then had to move to this tiny town where new folks just ain't really welcome ....

the teens also have a unique sense of humor ... espc in the names they took ... alot were from cartoons they liked or some funny character they read about in a book ...

in our inner systems it's not your age that counts ... it's your skills ... even to the little littles :kidsmile: this is grape-grape almost two ... but has a mix of wisdome and the simply being almost two , loveing toys and playing but can step in and help make important decisions .... in her words i mite be only almost 2 but i bbe almost two for48 years an i isn't stupid . other kids and teens are happily just that .... we think because they read the book , understood it as oh oh this is like us and started to work together has made our healing journey a bit easier ... but they are still teens and want the kool clothes and the odd hair cuts and do teen kinds of things ,,, they are the ones who began the disciplin reward systems in here .... so for us the teens are yikes i'm lost and a teen or few pop out to help us adults fix things ...
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